This is www.STICKYGOBLIN.coms first blog post. Really don’t know what we are doing here on wordpress but we are doing it. What do you do with a blog? Blog hog? I guess you just write things on it. So I am writing to tell you about our site. We sell stickers…That is it. With that out of the way, I will tell you about our artists. We have cool stickers that are our brand stickers, which are mostly silly fun little designs, but we also have some very talented artists that have made stickers that can be purchased on our site. Stickers are usually meant for promotional reasons but if you are not contact with the artist or company who has the stickers then how do you get them? That is where we come in. Yes promotional usually means free, unfortunately on our site you have to pay for the stickers. Don’t you want to support the artist? Well when you buy a sticker the artist gets paid. With the money they make from your purchase they can do things like eat, buy clothes, buy art supplies (which we all know places like Michael’s, Blick etc.. have been ripping artists off for years by overpricing everything. When I shop at those stores I understand the term “Struggling Artist”) and with these things in their life they are able to make things for your life. In our case that is cool ass, high quality stickers. In the future we will sell other products such as patches, buttons, pins, t-shirts, jetskis, overcoats, maybe even some different kinds of salamis, but for now we just sell stickers. That is all for now. I will blog more later.

Thanks and we love you,

Sticky Goblin

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